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Holman Library Borrowing Frequently Asked Questions

Note about Spring 2020 and COVID-19

Due to the physical library building being closed until further notice, several library services and procedures have been impacted. This page lists our general collections procedures, but please go to the link below for up-to-date information on borrowing and renewing items.

Looking for stuff to borrow?

Use the Holman Library One Search to find books, movies, music, and more.

How do I check out or borrow a book or other item?

Students, staff, faculty and community borrowers may check out library materials with proper ID. For students, staff and faculty your library card is your student or employee ID card. For other borrowers, an official ID is required.

Do I need a library card?

Your Green River photo ID card is your library card. You must have it with you in order to check out books and other materials from Holman Library.

How do I get a Green River photo ID card?

The library will make a Green River ID card for you at the library circulation desk. Bring a photo ID and something showing your student ID number such as your temporary paper ID or your schedule

What if I lose my card?

Your first card is free; the replacement cost is $5.

Can I get a library card if I am not a student, staff, or faculty member? (community borrower)

Yes. Community members who want to check out books pay $5 for a Community Member ID card. You can get your ID card at the library and pay for it at the cashiers office. This card never expires as long as you don't lose it and you return library materials properly. You can either pay the $5 fee at the GRC Cashier's Office and bring a receipt to Holman Library to have your Community Member card created, or you can pay for and have the card created at the same time in the Paper Tree Bookstore.

How long can I keep a book, CD, or other item I check out from the library?

Students and General Public

Item Type
Length of Time
General, Oversized, Picture and Basic Skills Books 21 days
Reference Books In-library use only (does not circulate)
Magazines and Journals In-library use only (does not circulate)
Course Reserves Loan period set by instructor
DVDs and VHS 7 days / limit 5 
Audio CDs 7 days / limit 5
Headphones, Headphone Splitters 4 hours in-library use only
USB Drives 4 hours in-library use only
Laptops 4 hours in-library use only
Essential Skills Collection Items 7 days

Faculty and Staff

Item Type
Length of Time
Books 1 quarter
Reference Books in-library use only (does not circulate)
Magazines and Journals 7 days
DVDs and VHS 7 days
Audio CDs 7 days
Essential Skills Collection Items 7 days


Interlibrary Loan Items

The library that owns the item determines the borrowing and renewal times; however you can generally borrow books for about three weeks and most media for about two weeks. Renewals generally extend the borrowing period about two more weeks. Contact the Holman Library Circulation Desk to request a renewal at least two days prior to your due date.

What can I borrow?

Books, some audio-visual materials, headphones, USBs and laptops can be borrowed. We also offer some media equipment to current students for use in the library or the Digital Media Lab:

Can I keep an item during quarter break?

Students, faculty, staff and community borrowers may check out items from the library over the breaks between quarters. Borrowers must show proper ID, and the check out date will be modified to reflect a due date for the beginning of the new quarter.

How do I renew a book or other item I have checked out? (and see my library account, loans, fines...etc.)

You may renew books and other library materials in person or with a phone call to the library circulation desk, (253) 833 - 9111 ext. 2090. You may also renew online through our Holman Library One Search by clicking the link below:


To learn more about how to access your library account and renew items or more, please watch this video:

Renewals are permitted if:

  • No one else has requested the item
  • The renewal limit has not been reached
  • If you have no blocks on your library account (an unpaid fine is one example of a block).

Overdue items may be renewed, but overdue fines will be charged.

Lost items (40 days past due) may not be renewed. 

Interlibrary Loan Renewals

For more information on how to renew an item that you had requested by Interlibrary Loan, please visit the Interlibrary Loan page:

What if I damage a book or other item?

Holman library reserves the right to assess items and determine whether or not they are damaged upon their return. The library charges fees for damage to books and materials. Repeated incidents of damage will result in loss of library privileges.

Damage assessment and fines for books and other print items:

Damage assessment and fines for books and other print items

Type of Damage

Minor- A few pencil marks, bent pages and very slight water damage.

Warning or note in patron's record with no fee
Moderate - Highlighting, ink marks, stains, water damage, torn pages or multiple pages with pencil. $5 fee
Major - Damage to cover and binding requiring extensive repairs $10 fee
Severe - Torn, cut or missing pages, excessive ink writing or drawing, severe water damage, burns, teeth marks from pets or any other extensive damage $10 processing fee plus replacement cost as determined by acquisitions librarian

Media and Computer Equipment

The patron will be charged the full replacement cost for damaged CDs, cassette tapes, video tapes and DVDs, computer mouse, headphones microphones and USBs.

The patron will be charged repair costs of up to $1,000 for damaged laptops.

What if I lose a book or other item?

A book or other item is considered lost if it is not returned within 40 days of its due date. If the item is returned after 40 days, the replacement cost is waived but the overdue charge must still be paid.  Fines and fees are paid in the Cashier's Office (253-833-9111 x2050). Repeated loss of library materials will result in the loss of library privileges.

Lost Item Charges

Item Type
Replacement Costs
Main Collection, Oversized, Essential Skills, Picture and Basic Skills Books Replacement cost plus overdue fines
Course Reserves Replacement cost plus overdue fines
Telecourse & VHS / DVD Sets $100 to replace the set. If one tape or disk is missing from the set, the missing tape or disk is prorated, plus overdue fines
DVDs, CDs, and VHS Replacement cost plus overdue fines
Headphones $10 replacement fee
Laptop $1000
Laptop Mouse $30
Laptop Cord $30

Will I have to pay if I don't return a book or other item on time?

Overdue Charges

Item Type
Overdue Fines
Grace Period
Main Collection, Oversized, Picture and Basic Skills Books 25¢ per day 7 days -- $2.00 due on the 8th day
Course Reserves - Hourly checkout 5¢ per minute 30 minutes -- $1.50 due after 30 minutes
Course Reserves - Daily checkout $1 per day None
Telecourse and  DVD Sets $1  per day per DVD set 1 day -- $2.00 due on the 2nd day
DVDs and VHS - 7-day checkouts 25¢ per day 1 day -- 50¢ due on the 2nd day
Music and Essential College Skills  25¢ per day 1 day -- 50¢ due on the 2nd day
Headphones $10 replacement cost Fee charged if not returned the same calendar day they are checked out
Laptops 5¢ per minute 30 minutes -- $1.50 due after 30 minutes

Holman Library reserves the right to adjust fines and fees without notice.

Fines and fees are paid in the Cashier's Office (253-833-9111 x2050). When total fines are equal to or greater than $10.00, a block will be placed on library privileges and on the ability to receive an official transcript.

When fines have not been paid after 60 days, the borrower's debt may be sent to a collections agency.


What / Where is Circulation?

Library materials selected from the first or second floor are checked out and checked in at the circulation desk. Reserve materials and Interlibrary Loans are also processed here.

The circulation desk is located adjacent to the library entrance on the first floor. 

How do I borrow items from other libraries?

You may borrow from other libraries through our Interlibrary Loan service. It's usually free.

You may also be able to borrow materials or browse the collections of other libraries.

Do you keep my personal information confidential?

It is our policy to keep your library records confidential. After library items have been returned, the record of your check out is erased. We abide by the Green River College Privacy Policy.