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How to log on at GRC: Holman Library One Search Account

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, campus computers, and online tools for your education.

What is the Holman Library One Search?

Holman Library One Search is a tool that performs a search of most of the library's databases simultaneously, along with a small selection of vetted open-source eBooks and open access articles.  

What can you find in the One Search?

    PHYSICAL ITEMS found on library shelves
    • books
    • DVDS
    • CDs
    • print magazines, journals and newspapers
  • ONLINE ITEMS from library databases and other free sources
    • electronic books
    • streaming videos
    • articles (from magazines, journals nad some newspapers)
    • and more..
  • NON FULL-TEXT BOOKS AND ARTICLES available through Interlibrary Loan
    • you must choose the "include results with no online full-text" option to search for items that can be requested from other libraries
    • place a hold on items
    • see items you borrowed
    • renew your items
    • save useful searches or interesting items to the "my favorites" section of your library account

How Do You Use the Holman Library One Search?

Accessing OneSearch

  1. Click the link below to get to OneSearch

  1. Search for books, videos, articles, and more.

(click image to enlarge)

1. First, you will likely need to perform several searches with different search words.  Examples:  search #1 = online dating; search #2 = internet dating, search #3 = dating websites; search #4 = online dating culture, search #5 = online dating norms; search #6 = “internet daters” attitudes sex. 2. Next, filter by “Reference Entries to give you basic background about your topic. 3. Then filter by different source types (peer-reviewed, books and videos can be helpful types of sources). 4. Results may include online sources and hardcopy sources available on library shelves.

  1. To access online items, you may be asked to enter your Green River email and password

(click on image to enlarge)


click the Log into library databases link

How Do You Request Items from Library Shelves?

Request Items from Library Shelves

Source: "How to Place Requests for Items from Library Shelves" by Holman Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Learn how to place and cancel requests for items from library shelves.

How Do You Sign In to Your Library Account?

Accessing Your Library Account

Use the instructions below to learn how to sign in to your library account to renew your checked out library items and see your loans, fines, saved items...etc.):

Saving and Exporting Titles and Searches


Step-by-step written instructions on how to export saved items from your library account:

1. Click: Your Library Account: Loans, Renewals and Fines

2. Click Current Students or Current Faculty (depending on what applies to you)

3. Follow sign-in instructions on that screen

4. Click your name in upper right-hand corner

5. Click: Saved Items

6. Under "Saved Titles", click the checkbox at the top to select all saved titles

7. To the right of "My Favorites" click the ellipses (three dots)

8. Choose "Export to Excel" or "Email" depending on your preference

9. Under "Saved Searches" and "Search History" click on each saved search to perform the search

10. After you perform each individual search, click in the website address bar and copy the URL (the web address in the bar)

11. Paste that URL (web address) in a document and save that document.  Alternately paste that URL in an email to yourself.