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Technology in Holman Library: Technology Checkouts

Checkout Technology from the Library!


Laptop user at Holman Library
Student technology available to borrow at Holman Library: 
The library has:
  • laptops
  • headsets
  • wifi hotspots
  • webcams

Technology Checkout Policies and Procedures

Technology Checkout Policies

  • Students may checkout technology to take home for the quarter. The check out may be extended for students who enroll in classes for the next quarter. 
  • Students are responsible for the technology checked out to them.
  • Please read the full Green River laptop policies and contract (see below).

How to Request Technology Items for Checkout

  • Students may request laptops, webcams, wifi hotspots, and headsets directly through the library. Email .

Troubleshooting Technology Checkouts

Trouble with a Library Laptop? Try These Steps:

  1. First, contact the IT Student Help Desk:
    • In-Person
      • An IT Student Help Desk employee will be available on the 2nd floor of Holman Library during open hours.
    • Via Zoom
      • Zoom Meeting ID: 938 4358 3105
      • Virtual Zoom Lobby Hours: Monday - Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM; Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM
    • By phone
      • 253-833-9111 ext. 2115
      • Voicemails are checked and answered during business hours
  2. If the help desk cannot support remotely, then they might suggest a laptop exchange. Contact the Circulation Desk to exchange laptops: 

    • If there is an available laptop, circulation staff will schedule an appointment to exchange the laptop.

    • If there is no available laptop, circulation staff will schedule a time to pick up the laptop that is experiencing issues. They will have IT investigate that laptop.

Trouble with a Wifi Hotspot? Try These Steps:

  1. Check if the Jetpack hotspot is in a strong coverage area. Step outside if there is a weak signal strength indoors.
  2. Factory reset the device. Visit the Verizon Troubleshooting page (linked just below) for details on how to do this.
  3. Power on the Jetpack.
  4. Let the Jetpack sit powered on and untouched for 30 minutes.
  5. If the Jetpack still does not connect, contact the Circulation Desk to see if there are any other hotspots available for exchange: