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Amanda Chin, Faculty Librarian

Amanda Chin
Faculty Librarian
Instructional Liaison Areas
Phone extension: 2087
email: achin@greenriver.edu

Katie Cunnion, Faculty Librarian

Katie Cunnion
Faculty Librarian
Instructional Liaison Areas
Phone extension: 2104
email: kcunnion@greenriver.edu

Marji MacKenzie, Faculty Librarian

Marji MacKenzie
Faculty Librarian
Collection Liaison Areas
Phone extension2101
email: mmackenzie@greenriver.edu

Jennifer Rohan, Faculty Librarian

Jennifer Rohan
Faculty Librarian
Instructional Liaison Areas
Phone extension2102
email: jrohan@greenriver.edu

Jody Segal, Faculty Librarian

Jody Segal
Faculty Librarian
Instructional Liaison Areas
Phone extension2103
email: jsegal@greenriver.edu

Christina DelliSante, Adjunct Faculty Librarian

Christina DelliSante
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Phone extension: 2091
email: cdellisante@greenriver.edu

Heather Jeffries, Adjunct Faculty Librarian

Heather Jeffries
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Phone extension: 2091
email: hjeffries@greenriver.edu

Sue Schub, Adjunct Faculty Librarian

Sue Schub
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Phone extension: 2091
email: sschub@greenriver.edu

Katie Straton, Adjunct Faculty Librarian

Katie Straton
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Phone extension: 2091
email: kstraton@greenriver.edu

Philip Whitford, Adjunct Faculty Librarian

Philip Whitford
Adjunct Faculty Librarian
Phone extension: 2091
email: pwhitford@greenriver.edu

Jennifer Dysart, Dean of Library, Media Services, and Curriculum

Jennifer Dysart
Dean of Library, eLearning, and Media Services
Phone extension:. 2094
email: jdysart@greenriver.edu

Leilani Hoglund, Admin Assistant

Leilani Hoglund
Admin Assistant
Phone extension: 2099

Hannah Micona, Technical Processes

Hannah Micona
Technical Processes
Phone extension: 2098
email: hmicona@greenriver.edu

Fartun Abdulahi, Circulation Assistant

Fartun Abdulahi
Circulation Assistant
Phone extension: 2090
email: fabdulahi@greenriver.edu

Aaron Ball, Circulation Assistant

Aaron Ball
Circulation Assistant
Phone extension: 2090
email: aball@greenriver.edu

Yusra Iftakhar, Circulation Assistant

Yusra Iftakhar
Circulation Assistant
Phone extension: 2090
email: yiftakhar@greenriver.edu

Ali Iftakhar, Circulation Assistant

Ali Iftakhar
Circulation Assistant
Phone extension: 2090
email: aiftakhar@greenriver.edu

Linda MacKenzie, Circulation Assistant

Linda MacKenzie
Circulation Assistant
Phone extension: 2090
email: lmackenzie@greenriver.edu

Nadine Pavlov

Nadine Pavlov
Circulation Supervisor
Phone extension: 2088
email: npavlov@greenriver.edu

Catherine Rabold, Circulation Technician

Catherine Rabold
Circulation Technician
Phone extension: 2093
email: crabold@greenriver.edu

Enrique Farias, Media Technician

Enrique Farias
Media Assistant
Phone extension: 2108

Oleg Kanonik, Media Supervisor

Oleg Kanonik
Media Supervisor
Phone extension: 2109

Phillip Titus, Media Assistant

Phillip Titus
Media Assistant
Phone extension: 2108

Library Hours

Spring Quarter Hours

(March 30 - June 16; Subject to Change)

Mon. - Thurs.  7:00am - 10:00pm

Fri.  7:00am - 6:00pm

Sat. and Sun. 2:00pm - 6:00pm

* NOTE - Holman Library's physical building is closed until further notice - we will be providing virtual services during these hours - please contact us via phone, email, or Ask a Librarian chat.

Special Hours & Closures

Mon. May 25 -- Closed - Memorial Day

Tues. June 16 -- Close at 6:00pm -- Last Day of the Quarter

Wed. June 17 - Sun. June 28 -- Closed - Break Week

Summer Quarter Hours

(June 29 - August 20; Subject to Change)

Mon. - Thurs.  7:30am - 7:30pm

Fri. and Sat. -- Closed

Sun. 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Special Hours & Closures

Wed. June 17 - Sun. June 28 -- Closed - Break

Fri. July 3rd -- Closed - Independence Day Holiday

Fri. Aug. 21 - Sun. Sept. 20 -- Closed - Break Period

Fall Quarter Hours

(Sept. 23 - Dec. 12)

Mon. - Thurs.  7:00am - 10:00pm

Fri.  7:00am - 6:00pm

Sat. and Sun. 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Special Hours & Closures

Mon. Nov. 11 -- Closed - Veteran's Day

Wed. Nov. 27 -- Close at 6pm - Thanksgiving Eve (No evening classes)

Thurs. Nov. 28 - Fri. Nov. 29 -- Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday

Wed, Thurs. Dec. 4, 5 -- Open 7am -12am (Midnight) - Extended Hours

Sun. Dec. 8 -- Open 2pm - 8pm - Extended Hours

Mon., Tues. Dec. 9,10 -- Open 7am - 12am (Midnight) - Extended Hours

Thurs. Dec. 12 -- Close at 6pm - Last Day of the Quarter

Fri. Dec. 13 - Wed. Jan. 1, 2020 -- Closed - Winter Break

Winter Quarter Hours

(Jan. 2 - March 20)

Mon. - Thurs.  7:00am - 10:00pm

Fri.  7:00am - 6:00pm

Sat. and Sun. 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Special Hours & Closures

Fri. Dec. 13 - Mon. Jan. 1 -- Closed - Winter Break

Mon. Jan. 20 -- Closed - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Mon. Feb. 17 -- Closed - President's Day

Wed, Thurs. Mar 11, 12 -- Open 7am -12am (Midnight) - Extended Hours

Sun. Mar. 15 -- Open 2pm - 8pm - Extended Hours

Tuesday Mar. 17 -- Open 7am - 6:30 pm

Wed. - Fri., Mar. 18-20 - Closed. See Ask a Librarian for virtual assistance.

Sat. March 21 - Sun. March 29 -- Closed - Break Week

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