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Holman Library Faculty / Staff Purchase Requests: I want to request...

I want to request...

A Book / eBook

Born Bright book cover

Please use the form below to request a book or eBook title for purchase by Holman Library:

A Multimedia (Audio / Film) Item

Against the Odds PBS Video coverPlease use the form below to select your media type and let us know a little about how you would like to use it. This will help us locate the best format for your needs.

Tips for Requests

Here's a Tip...

Check libraries who may have your request.

Does Green River already own this item? Check our Library Catalog.

Find the item's record in WorldCat to help fill out the form.

More Help

Kanopy Streaming Media

Need instructions on how to set up an individual Kanopy account for yourself or your students? Try these guides:

Looking for more help, or want to talk about a request not covered here?

You can also contact your area's instruction or collection liaison librarian directly to discuss resources or get assistance with your request--

Instruction Liaison Librarians by Division

Division Department Liaison Librarian
Business and Law All

Jody Segal, ext. 6488

Continuing & Community Ed. All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
English All Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Fine Arts All Amanda Chinext. 6481
Health Sciences, Wellness, & Education All Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487
Humanities All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
Intensive English Program (IEP) All Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
Mathematics All Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
Science All Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Social Science All Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487
Technology All (except Aviation and Nursing) Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
  Aviation Amanda Chin, ext 6481
  Nursing Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487
Trades All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
Transitional Studies Transitional Studies (TS) Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
  English Language Learning (ELL) Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487

Holman Library Collection Policies

The library collection is your collection. We value your input and will make every effort to purchase requests that contribute to our curriculum-driven collection.

Please review our collection development policies below, which guide the library's acquisition of new materials.

Collection Development Guidelines