A guide to help locate textbooks and course reserves

Welcome to your textbook resource!

Locating textbooks

This guide was created to help you find textbooks for courses at Green River. Use the tabs to the left to navigate this guide.

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Image Source:Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Emergency Funding During COVID-19

Apply for Emergency Funding from GRC's Benefits Hub

Textbooks and other course materials are expensive, and COVID-19 has affected many of us financially.

If you need assistance, please apply for this emergency funding grant. The grant awards funding for:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Course Materials (textbooks, supplies, access codes...)
  • Technology (computers, headphones, webcams...)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Child Care
  • Utilities (electricity, internet, water/sewer, gas...)
  • Transportation (car payment, gas, bus fare...)
  • And more

Go to the links below for the grant application and more information about the Benefits Hub!


Please Note:

  • The Library and the Bookstore are two separate entities!  The library does not sell or rent books. 

  • The Library does not buy current textbooks.  To buy all required textbooks would exceed our entire library budget! 

  • You can find some textbooks in the library.  Check Course Reserves and the Library Catalog tabs above. 

  • Textbooks currently required for courses cannot be interlibrary loaned​.

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Some content of this guide was used with permission from Amy Herman at Olympic College Library. Click the link below to access the source material. Many thanks for sharing their excellent work!

Note: This guide was last updated by CD in December 2019. If you see errors, have questions, or suggestions for improvement, let us know by using the contact information on the "Get Help" page of this guide!