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A guide to help locate textbooks and course reserve materials

FAQs - Textbooks

FAQs - Textbooks

What textbooks are required for my class?          (...see PaperTree Bookstore)

Look at your class syllabus (given to you by your instructor and often posted in Canvas.) for a list of required textbooks and materials.

The college's bookstore also has a list of required textbooks for each course.

Do you have my book in the Library?          (... see Course Reserves - Students)

Most current textbooks are not in the library collection, however, if your instructor has placed your textbook on "course reserve" in the library, it will be available for a limited checkout (usually 2 hours in-library use)

Will a used textbook work for me?          (...see Used Books)

The Paper Tree Bookstore carries used textbooks, as do other online sources. Make sure you use the exact ISBN number to ensure you have the right edition.

Can I rent my textbook?          (...see Book Rentals)

Not all textbooks are available to rent, but it is good to check on that possibility through the college bookstore and online vendors

Can I use a digital book?          (...see Digital Books)

Maybe, if the publisher offers a digital version (not all do) and if your instructor allows it (check with them first)

Can I get funding to help me pay for textbooks and supplies or borrow from other places besides the library?          (...see On-Campus Programs)

Potentially.  Check out the different on-campus programs to see their rules and eligibility requirements

I am an instructor.  How do I place my textbooks or other class materials on course reserve?          (...see Course Reserves - Faculty)

Thank you for offering equitable access to textbooks!  Check out the easy steps on how to put your items on course reserve.

Note: This guide was last updated by Sue Schub in November 2023. If you see errors, have questions, or suggestions for improvement, let us know by using the contact information on the "Get Help" page of this guide!

Some content of this guide was used with permission from Amy Herman at Olympic College Library. Click the link below to access the source material. Many thanks for sharing their excellent work!

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