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How to log on at GRC: Email

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, campus computers, and online tools for your education.

Log In to Student Email

Your GRC Student Email Address and Password is your Campus-Wide Username and Password

How Does Student Email Work at Green River?

  • Green River College expects that every student will receive email at their College email address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis

  • When students register for Green River College, an email account is then created for the student (usually takes a few days to be available).

    • If students are unable to access their email accounts they can request a password reset or ask a librarian for help

    • Need to locate your GRC email address? You can look it up at the Student Email site link below as well.

How To Log In to Your Student Email 

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Logging in to student email

  1. Go to the GRC homepage (
  2. Go to Email Help
    • Either use Quick Links to the top right of the screen and click on Student Email Help
    • Or use Student Support Links at the very bottom of the screen and click on Student Email 
  3. Choose the appropriate option
    • Student Email - to Sign In if you know your new email and password
    • Look Up my Email - if you need to find your new student email using your Last name, birth date, and ctcLink ID or SID
    • Reset your Password - to change your account password
      • If you are a new student and trying to log in for the first time, your temporary password will be: your ctcLink number followed by your 6-digit birthdate. You will then be prompted to create a new password.


Upon logging in to your email, you will be prompted to register for MFA and SSPR (student self-service password reset).  Click below for your MFA options and how to register:

General Information about Student Email:

  • Student have 25GB of file storage through the OneDrive (a feature available once students log in to their email accounts).
  • Student email accounts remain active, even after a student has left GRC.
    • To keep an account active, students need to log into their email accounts at least once every six months. If they do not, then:
      • Microsoft will consider their account inactive, disable the email and delete all the contents of their email
      • Any messages sent to the email while it is disabled will be rejected and students will not be able to recover them
      • The next time students log in, Microsoft will reactivate their email and then any new messages will be delivered to their mailbox

Important Email Tips

Email Tips and Troubleshooting

  • You need to be registered for class to find your new email address. Please wait until afternoon one business day after you register for class to try to create a password. 

  • If you are a returning GRC student and are having trouble logging in to your new email account, try clearing your browser's cache. 

  • Do not auto-forward your student email to another email. Unfortunately, that feature does not work and you will lose important GRC emails.

  • Email passwords:

    • password must be 12 characters 

    • The password cannot be one of the user's recently used passwords 

    • The password cannot be too simple/contains words that Microsoft does not accept (ie password1234) 

Need help turning off auto forwarding?:

Email Account Safety

If your email has been hacked or you are blocked from sending messages...

If you suspect 

  • that your GRC student email account has been compromised (hacked)
  • OR it has been flagged for sending spam and you receive a message that you are blocked from sending further email messages...

…then please follow the steps below in order to make sure that your account is safe to use and stops sending spam messages:

1. Reset your GRC student email account password and the passwords of any other accounts that use a similar password (your bank login, other email accounts, shopping sites, etc.) to a very different password

2. Check and delete as necessary any unintended forwarding in your student email account (in webmail, go to “Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Forwarding”)

3. Check and delete as necessary any unintended rules in your student email account (in webmail, go to “Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Rules”)

4. Check and sign out of any unknown devices that Office is signed into (in webmail, go to “Click on User icon (picture or initials) > My account > Apps and Devices” and if available under “Office”, click the down arrow by “DEVICES”, review the listed devices and click “sign out” as appropriate next to the device). This does not remove Office, but will disable it on the device (may take up to 72 hours) and will require the user to sign back in with their new password which the spammer should not know.

5. Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your GRC student email account by going to and logging in with your GRC student email account so that even if hackers figure out your password, they cannot log in to your account. See links below for help setting up MFA.

6. If your account was blocked from sending messages, then when you have completed the steps above, please email to let us know and we will be able to unblock your account so that you can send out messages again