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How to log on at GRC: Email

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, and campus computers.

Login to student email

Please see the bottom of this page for video tutorials about:

  • Finding your student email address
  • Getting into your student email for the first time
  • Resetting your password if you are having trouble getting into your student email (not for first-time users)

How Does Student Email Work at Green River?

  • Green River College expects that every student will receive email at their College email address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis
  • When students register for Green River College, an email account is then created for the student (usually takes a few days to be available).
    • If students are unable to access their email accounts they can request a password reset or ask a librarian for help
    • Need to locate your GRC email address? You can look it up at the Student Email site link below as well.
  • Student have 25GB of file storage through the OneDrive (a feature available once students log in to their email accounts).
  • Student email accounts remain active, even after a student has left GRC
  • However, students need to log into their email accounts at least once every six months to keep them active.  If they do not, then:
    • Microsoft will consider their account inactive, disable the email and delete all the contents of their email
    • Any messages sent to the email while it is disabled will be rejected and students will not be able to recover them
    • The next time students log in, Microsoft will reactivate their email and then any new messages will be delivered to their mailbox

How to log in to your student email

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Student email log in steps - Steps written out in instructions below

  1. Go to the Green River College homepage:
  1. Go to the Student Support links list (near bottom of the page / content), and click Student email & password reset. (Or the link on this page to "Your Student Email" will take you to the same place.)
  2. At the Student email & password reset page, you have different options:
    • Log in to My Email: if you already know your password, use this to go to the log in screen.
    • Look Up my Email: This will allow you to look up your GRC email address even if you're not sure what it is.
    • Request a Reset: This option allows you to request a manual email password reset from the college. Use this option if you did not set up the password recovery options that use another email or a mobile number with your GRC email account. If you did set up password recovery with your GRC email, you can reset your password yourself on the email log in screen.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials

  • How do I find out my student email address?
  • I'm a new student but  can't get into my student email
  • I cannot get into my student email and need to reset my password