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How to log on at GRC: Campus Computers

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, campus computers, and online tools for your education.

Login to a computer

On or Off Campus

Use your student email address and password to access the campus network and use computers in Holman Library and the TC. Follow steps below in the image and written out below.
Windows 10​ Computers
  1. To access the network on a campus computer (in a classroom or open lab), hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys.
  2. You will see the network log in screen. If you need to set up (or reset) a password, select the "Sign-In Options" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. ​​Select the option for resetting your password: it will look like a key icon with a tag attached (alt text on mouseover / selection: "If you forgot your password, use the Self-Service site to reset the password by...") 
  4. Select the "Open the Self-Service site" option
  5. Follow the steps in the "Password Reset Tool" to log in and click on "FORGOT MY PASSWORD." You will be given options to set up a new password. When finished setting up your new password, close the window to return to the log in screen (click "x" in the upper-right corner).
  6. On returning to the login screen, you will now be able to use your student email (username) and the password you set up to log in.
  7. To sign out: hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete again.

(click on image to enlarge)

Campus Network Login screenshots of written instructions above

Working from off campus?

Student Remote Access

Access programs found on Green River computers from your own device:

Student Remote Access uses the same username and password as your Green River student email account. If you do not know your Green River student email address and/or have not set your password, please use the links below: