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How to log on at GRC: Rosetta Stone

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, and campus computers.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning

Rosetta Stone on Computers

Learn English with Rosetta Stone. Click on the link below, and follow the instructions shown in the images.

Click the link below:

If you see a "database access" screen, enter your Green River student ID number



1. enter your Green River email address 2. create your own password  3. choose the language that you want to study  4. click: sign in

click this link: Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3

After you "launch" Rosetta Stone, you may find a list of languages again.  Here, you must choose the same language that you chose on the login screen. (If you then decide to study different language, you have to return to the login screen and choose your new language there; then you can change your language choice on the list that appears after you enter the database -- illustration below).u may study more than one language. Switching from one language to another language must be performed onl on

After you click on the language you want to learn, you will be asked to choose a level.

Highlight your chosen level, and click "Continue."

Finally, you will be asked to select a "course" -- that is, the skills you would like to focus on (listening and speaking, for example). 

Highlight your choice, and click on "Apply Changes," to open your course.

Errors? Try This:

Browser Issues

  • Rosetta Stone requires Flash Player

    • If you get an error message about permissions after Flash is enabled, choose Allow to continue.
  • Microphone issues with Rosetta Stone and Chrome:  

    • Go to Chrome settings on the Rosetta Stone log in page:
    • Click on Advanced at the bottom of the list. 
      • Under the heading "Privacy and Security," select "Content Settings." 
      • Choose Microphone
      • In dropdown menu, choose the microphone you are using.  If Rosetta Stone is listed under “Block,” click on the trash can icon ("Delete") to remove that listing.
  • Log in error -- "Not Authorized"

    • Clear your browsing data / cookies from Chrome and then log in again:

Rosetta Stone Errors

  • Error 7201 - "You can't assign this Curriculum to this learner."

    • Return to the Rosetta Stone log in screen and make sure the language chosen at log in and the language chosen after log in are the same. 
      Rosetta Stone 7201 error - "You can't assign this Curriculum to this learner. The Language Level for the Curriculum is not associated with Group the learner is a member of."

Need more assistance?

Please contact the library reference desk:

Rosetta Stone App

Rosetta Stone Mobile App (for cell phones, tablets...etc.)

1. BEFORE you can install and use the Rosetta Stonemobile app, please go through the steps on the left to create an account. 

2. THEN, click below to download the app from either the App Store (for Apple products) or Google Play (for Android Products):


3. Download the application and open it. This is the screen you will see. Select Work or School.


4. FOR IPHONES: you will see this screen:

To log in, you will enter:

  • username field: your school email address ( 
  • password field: the password you set in the web application
  • namespace field: greenrv 


5. FOR ANDROID PHONES, you will see this screen:

To log in, you will enter:

  • username field: your school email address ( 
  • password field: the password you set in the web application

In the final screen, enter: greenrv