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Request items be placed on Course Reserve:

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Call or email Catherine Rabold at ext. 2093,  crabold@greenriver.edu

How do I put an item on reserve?

Fill out the Course Reserve Request Form:‚Äč

  • On the form, fill in Instructor's Email first.  It will autopopulate other information for you.
  • If the item for course reserve belongs to the Library, simply submit the form online.
  • If the item for course reserve belongs to the instructor (your personal copy):
    • submit the form online, then print it out and bring your personal copy to the Library Circulation Desk OR
    • submit the form online, then print it out and send the personal copy via campus mail to: HL, Catherine Rabold

Alternately you can bring items to be placed on reserve to the Circulation desk at the Holman Library and fill out a course reserve card in person.

What can I put on reserve?

The library can arrange for almost anything to be placed on reserve. Books, media, articles, book chapters, assignments, presentations, solutions, images, syllabi and other similar materials can be put on reserve.

When can I place an item on reserve?

We accept materials at any time during the academic year, but it is recommended that you bring items at least one week before the beginning of the quarter.

When will reserve items be ready for student use?

Reserve items are processed within 48 hours. We will give you an estimated time that your items will be ready at the time you place the reserve. We ask that you keep the processing time in mind when you inform students when the material(s) will be available for checkout. All reserve requests are processed in the order they are received.

Do you have electronic reserves?

Yes. Electronic items can be placed on reserve for students to access through the library catalog. These items may be submitted on CDs, USB drives, photocopies or email attachments (preferred). Instructors are responsible for copyright compliance. Published copyrighted material is password protected.

What is the checkout time for reserve items?

Instructors choose the checkout time when an item is put on reserve. Checkout time can range from 2 hours to an entire quarter.

Can I put something on reserve that is not from the library's collection?

Yes. You can put a personal or other copy of an item on reserve, but materials are placed on reserve at the owner's risk. Personal copies will be returned at the end of the quarter, or the time specified by the instructor. The circulation staff is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen reserve materials.

How long do items stay on reserve?

Reserve materials are removed at the end of each quarter, or at the time specified by the instructor. Notify circulation staff by phone  at ext. 2090, email, or in person before the end of the current quarter to update lists and retain material for the next quarter.

Can I put a student's work on reserve?

Students' works are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The instructor must have signed written permission for all student papers, projects, video presentations et cetera before they can be placed on reserve.

What about copyright and reserves?

Instructors are responsible for copyright compliance. See additional copyright information:

Can I put a set of books on reserve?

Yes. It is recommended that you arrange for a time to bring your whole class to the library to check out the books.