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Holman Library Policies and Procedures


All students, staff, faculty and community members may be able to check out library materials with proper ID. For students, staff, and faculty your library card is your student or employee ID card. For other borrowers, an official ID is required. Books, CDs, DVDs and copies of periodical articles may be borrowed.

Children in the Library

  • Children under the age of 16 are allowed in the library while they are being directly supervised by the adult responsible for them.
  • Children are expected to adhere to the same use policies as adult patrons.
  • Due to safety/liability reasons, if a child is left unsupervised and the librarian is unable to easily locate his/her guardian, the Safety Office will be called (ext. 3350).
  • If a child wishes to check out library materials, a parent or guardian with a student ID, staff ID, or a community borrower card may check out the items for the child. They will be responsible for the return of the checked out items and fines and fees if applicable.

Collection Development

The Collections page contains descriptions of the scope of the Holman Library Collection (both hardcopy and digital formats) as well as section and weeding guidelines.


Holman Library does not accept gifts of books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs or other materials at this time. Monetary gifts may be made through the Green River College Foundation.

Monetary gifts may include restrictions, providing they are pre-approved by the Director of Library and Media Services. Please indicate your gift is for Holman Library.

Information Commons Guidelines

The primary purpose of the Information Commons in Holman Library is to provide a learning environment with open access to information, research assistance and a study space for all Green River students, faculty and staff.

While in the library, please:

  • ask for research and computer help at the reference desk
  • eat food outside the library (covered drinks are O.K.)
  • keep valuables near you
  • use computers only for school work during busy times between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • do not download video games to the Green River computer network
  • keep noise levels reasonable depending on the zone you are in:
    • the conversation zone,
    • whisper zone, or
    • silent zone

For more information about the different noise zones in the library, please see the Library Zones page in the links below.

We appreciate your respect of common sense guidelines for academic behavior, courtesy, and the responsibilities and rights in the Green River Student Code of Conduct. Thank you!

Student Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Purpose: This policy governs the use of all technology and computer resources at Green River College including college computers, college email, internet access, and use of the college network by either college-owned computer or personal computers. Use of the college's technology and computer resources signifies agreement to abide by this policy.

Group Study Room Use

The first priority use of the Group Study rooms on the second floor is for student groups to work on academic study or presentations. Individuals using the Group Study rooms may be asked to move if a group needs to use the space.

White board markers are available for student checkout for use in the Group Study rooms with a student ID card at the Student Help Desk on the second floor.

Group Study rooms are occupied on a first-come, first-use basis; groups with members present will take priority for room use. Holman Library does not accept reservations for the upstairs Group Study rooms.

Media Lab (HL 112) Use

HL 112 is equipped for student media production.

Equipment: Table & chairs; a podcasting recording space (4 microphones); Plasma TV with a cable for connection to a laptop, a PC computer on the instructional network, a Mac computer on the instructional network. The computers can also be hooked up to the plasma TV.

Scheduling the Digital Media Lab (HL 112)

Please contact the Holman Library Reference Desk to schedule the student Digital Media Lab. Priority use is for students working on media production, editing, and presentation practice. Student groups of 3 or more people who are not using media but need a space to work can request the Media Lab for same-day use for a limited amount of time if the schedule permits - please ask at the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk.

The Digital Media Lab is generally not available for student club meetings or staff meetings.

Room HL 213 & HL 217 Use

As an extension of the library's Information Commons, HL 213 and HL 217 are available for library instruction and individual student use. Library instruction is provided by a librarian or other faculty member in collaboration with a librarian. All instructional activities must be scheduled through a librarian.

The first priority for the use of HL 213 or HL 217 is instruction in the use of library databases and internet resources for research and general information retrieval.

The second priority, particularly when there are no seats available in the main Information Commons, is individual student use of library databases, Microsoft Office applications, and internet resources.

Other instructional activities in HL 213 or HL 217 may be scheduled on an occasional basis but will not take precedence over priorities 1 and 2. Because of high demand for the resources available in the main Information Commons, HL 213 and HL 217 are usually available for individual student use between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

General Policies and Procedures for Students, Faculty and Staff

This page provides information about the acceptable use of computers, college privacy policy, library borrowing policies, collection development policies, and other general library policy and procedures information.