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ENGL 126 Writing: Humanities: English 126 Research

This research guide is designed to help students with literary analysis. Check to see if there is a research guide for your specific section of English 126.


Welcome to the research guide for English 126.

This guide will help you analyze, interpret, and contextualize literary texts and enter into informed conversation with others who have written on that same text or topic. 

Use the tabs above to get help:
  • Identifying relevant keywords and subject terms to use in library resources
  • Understanding what literary criticism is and learning about schools of literary criticism
  • Finding introductory articles from credible reference sources
  • Finding reviews and news about authors, texts, and cultural issues
  • Finding scholarly literary criticism in journals and books
  • Tracking down sources and citations
  • Citing sources with MLA
  • From our collection of literary analysis tutorials
  • Finding help from a librarian or campus tutoring center

Navigating this guide

You will find scholarly literary criticism in library databases, in collected essays on an author's work, such as the title below, and in books devoted to an author, theme, or work. 

Other useful research guides

Please check to see if there is a research guide for your specific English class.