ENGL 126 Writing: Humanities

This research guide is to help students enrolled in English 126 - writing in the humanities.

Reviews on the Web

Reviews on the Web

Look for useful online journals, arts magazines, and other culture resource sites that review and discuss literature.

Be sure to assess what kind of source you've found and if the content is informed and substantive.

Sample sites:

Find Reviews, News & Interviews in Newspapers and Magazines

Using Magazines and Newspapers

Look for book reviews, analysis and author interviews in library periodical databases. 

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Use limiters to select newspapers and magazines at Source Type
  • Use limiters to limit to reviews under Document Type
  • Limit to full-text if you want to only see articles you can immediately download

(click on image to enlarge)

Advanced Search in Proquest showing how to limit to the options outlined in the text

Find Reviews and News in Gale Literary Sources

Limiting in Gale Literature

To find Reviews and News in Gale Literature Limit to Reviews and News at Content Type as shown in the image below.

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news and reviews in gale literature

Find Reviews, News & Interviews in Multimedia