Film, Television, and Popular Culture Studies

This guide will help you find and research films, media, pop culture, and television.

Film, Television, Media, and Popular Culture Studies

Welcome to the Film, Television, and Pop Culture Studies Guide

This is a guide to help you find and research films, media, and pop culture. You can learn more about pop culture analysis, the history of film, film and media criticism, and more.

Image Source: General Research Division, The New York Public Library. "How to make good movies." The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1938.

Research Starting Points

Questions you might explore in your research:

  1. What genre does your film or media fall into? What are the implications of this?

  2. When, where, and how was it first created?

  3. What can you learn about the creator(s), director(s), writer(s), or producer(s)?

  4. What can you learn about the principle actresses/actors in the film or show (if applicable)?

  5. How is/was your media critically received at the time it was made?

  6. Is there scholarly criticism?

  7. What is the historical context of your media, and how does that fit into understanding it?

  8. If your media work is an adaptation of a short story or novel, how does it compare to the original? What different choices does the director or creator make? What impact does that have on the meaning?

You're the critic

A few books to help you be the media critic you've always wanted to be!