S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman)

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

Advanced searching

Find Scholarship

Holman Library has many scholarly databases. For this project I recommend two strategies:

Strategy 1: Use the One Search to look for scholarly journal articles and books in all library databases at once.

To find scholarly articles, be sure to limit to Peer Reviewed Journals using the filters on your search results page. 

Strategy 2: To explore and find useful subject terms and to start with a smaller search, I suggest starting with Academic Search Complete. 

Sample search in Academic Search Complete

Using the Advanced Search feature in a database allows you to use more than one keyword or phrase (search terms) in order to get more relevant search results.

This screenshot shows an advanced search of "social media" OR "social networking" OR facebook AND cyberbully* OR bully* AND girls OR teen*

Subject Terms:

Use the filters on the left to find Subject Terms associated with your search.

  • Be sure to click on Show More to see the full list. Apply one at a time.

Note: In Academic Search Complete you will also see Subject Terms under each article title, which is a great way to scan for relevant terms!

(click on image to enlarge)

Subject Terms



Scholarly Articles

Why Scholarly Articles (and books)?
  • To find current research and theoretical perspectives on your topic

  • To find facts, statistics, and other information supported by research

  • To "mine" the bibliography for other resources on your topic

Holman Library has many scholarly databases. For this project I recommend: