S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman)

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

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How to Find News, Analysis, & Commentary

Why Use Magazines?

Mother Jones cover

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When you search the library's periodical databases, most articles in your results are either from a newspaper, magazine, or journal.

  • A magazine article is a great source of information and analysis on current events and issues. 
  • Magazines may offer opinion.
  • Most magazine articles are written by journalists for a general adult audience. 
  • They tend to be longer and more substantive than newspaper articles, but more accessible than scholarly articles.

Suggested Magazines

Image source: "Cover image for November/December 2013." 2013. MotherJones.com, Mother Jones and the Foundation for National Progress., 2013, www.motherjones.com/mag/2013/11/toc/. Accessed 3 Oct. 2020.

Use the database to help you. You can:

  • Connect keywords
  • Limit to a source type
  • Limit to a publication
  • Set a date range
  • Find additional relevant keywords and subject terms
  • Read abstracts
  • Find a range of relevant sources

Why Use Newspapers?


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  • Newspaper articles provide us with a daily snapshot of current events and issues. 
  • Read newspaper articles for news and analysis of current and past international, national and local issues. 
  • Newspapers also give us insight into opinion on what's happening in the world.
  • Read editorials, op-eds, and opinion pieces to learn about viewpoints on current and past international, national and local issues.

Image source: Sollok29. News-media-standards.jpg. 8 Apr. 2016. Wikimedia Commons, commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:News-media-standards.jpg.

Alternative News Media

You can also go directly to the alternative press: 

Suggested Newspapers

Search Google News for current and archived headlines from around the world.

For more on newspapers, you can link to the Holman Library Newspaper Subject Guide.

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