S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman)

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

Find Books in Holman Library: print and ebook

Search for Books in Holman Library

Be sure to limit to Books only at your search results to find books. 

What should you type in the search? 

step 1: Type in keywords that capture your research focus. 

  • Build your search slowly, testing keywords and trying alternatives. 

Sample search: gender AND nonbinary (click on image to enlarge)

Gender AND nonbinary

step 2: Use Subject Terms provided by the database to find relevant sources. 

  • Look for useful Subject Terms under Search Filters 
  • Look for useful Subject Terms associated with a book that looks relevant. 
    • Click on the title of the book
    • Scroll down to find Subject Terms
    • Click on a subject term to find sources gathered on that subject. Note: You can mix and match subject terms and keywords.

Sample Subject Terms associated with the book Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity

Subject Terms

Beyond our collection: Interlibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan (or ILL) is a service offered by GRC for ordering books from other libraries. Use the links below to find and request your book:

What's in a Book?

Why Books?

Books may offer in-depth information on a specific subject, collect essays on a range of viewpoints, or present personal narratives.

Sample Books