S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman)

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

Assignment Topics

Choose from the following topics

Gender and Technology:
  • Possible topics include women in tech fields, the role of social media on body image, cyber-bullying/ harassment
Gender and Race:
  • Possible topics include specific racial identities and gender, such as media representations of Black women, Latino hyper-masculinity, Asian American or Native American masculinity in film, whiteness, the weaponization of White femininity, the historical relationship of White women and Black women
Gender and Violence:
  • Possible topics include relationship violence, race and gendered violence, culture and gendered violence, gender violence in the workplace, gender and combat, masculinity and violence, gender and crime, gendered campus violence
Gender and the Media:
  • Possible topics include gender stereotypes, sexuality, objectification/exploitation, depictions of gendered violence in film/tv, video games, cultural/racial aspects 
Beauty and/or Body Image:
  • Possible topics include biological basis for attraction, changing beauty norms, racialized body images,  cosmetic surgery, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, the Adonis complex
Masculinity and Gender:
  • Possible topics include male body image, steroid use, history of masculinity, masculinity and non-binary identity, masculinity and homosexuality
Gender and Sports:
  • Possible topics include access, college level Title IX, gender/ sex stereotyping
Gender and Religion:
  • Possible topics include traditional gender roles in religion, sexism, segregation, leadership, feminist theology
Gay Rights:
  • Possible topics include history, political advocacy, gay rights movement, gays in the military, transgender health/rights
Gender and Health:
  • Possible topics include diet industry, gendered experiences in health care/ health problems, gender and mental health, gender and stress
Gender and Education:
  • Possible subtopics include childhood socialization, boyhood challenges, global girlhood education, higher education rates by gender (e.g. declining male graduation)
Gender and Disability: 
  • Gendered perspectives on physical or intellectual disability, opportunities/challenges for those with disabling conditions, gender and visual impairment, disability and mental health, gender and disability rights, disability and gendered media representation

Know the Requirements

Your Assignment Requirements
  • Your assignment requires that you write a five page research paper and give a class presentation on your topic.

  • You are required to use at least five different sources on your chosen topic. The sources may be reference books (academic encyclopedias; books or ebooks; newspaper, magazine, or scholarly jouranl articles; documentary or educational video; or reliable data available on the web. 

  • Use your class research guide as your doorway to appropriate resources, though you stil need to assess: is it the right info for this purpose?

  • You are required to produce both a bibliography and an annotated bibliography.