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S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman): Getting Started

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

Know the Requirements

  • Your assignment requires that you write a five page research paper and give a class presentation on your topic.

  • You are required to use at least five different sources on your chosen topic. The sources may be reference books (academic encyclopedias; books or ebooks; newspaper, magazine, or scholarly jouranl articles; documentary or educational video; or reliable data available on the web. 

  • Use your class research guide as your doorway to appropriate resources, though you stil need to assess: is it the right info for this purpose?

  • You are required to produce both a bibliography and an annotated bibliography.

Assignment Topics

Choose from the following topics:

Gender and Technology: Possible topics include cyberbullying and girls, social media and gender differences, the impact of violent video gaming on boys 

Gender and Violence: Possible subtopics include gendered violence, relationship violence, race and gendered violence, culture and gendered violence, gender and combat, masculinity and violence, gender and crime, and gendered campus violence

Gender and the Media: Possible subtopics include stereotypes, sexuality, objectification/exploitation, depictions of gendered violence in film, video games, and cultural/racial aspects such as media depictions of Latina women

Beauty and/or Body Image: Possible subtopics include biological basis, changing norms, racialized body images, African American women and hair, cosmetic surgery, attraction, sexuality construction, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and historical trends

The Adonis Complex: Possible subtopics include male body image, steroids, masculinity and the social shaping of masculine gender norms, black masculinity, racial/cultural differences in masculinity, and homosexuality

Gender and Sports: Possible subtopics include access, college level Title IX, and stereotyping

Gender and Religion: Possible subtopics include sexism, segregation, leadership, feminism, and homosexuality

Gay Rights: Possible subtopics include history, political advocacy, gay rights movement, gays in the military, policies around gay rights, lefgslation, and transgender rights

Gender and Health: Possible subtopics include diet industry, gendered experience in health care/ health problems, gender and mental health, community impact on health, stress, and nutrition

Gender and Education: Possible subtopics include childhood socialization, boyhood challenges, global girlhood education, and higher education - declining male/increasing female graduation rates

Where do I start?!

Begin your research:

  • Select a project theme from your assignment sheet (or above)

  • Find background information that will help you understand what the topic is about. I call it mapping out the landscape of the topic. 

  • Collect a list of keywords (search terms)

  • Use your keywords to search library tools for reference materials, books, and articles

  • Narrow and focus your initial topic as you learn more.