S SCI 160 Introduction to Gender Studies (Marshman)

A Guide to Research in Gender Studies - for students in Michelle Marshman's class

Explore Possible Topic Ideas

Explore Gender Topics in Current Issues Databases

Holman Library current issues databases are a good place to explore possible research topics.

Use them to get a sense of the complexity of issues and to find a focus for your research. Once you have your topic, you can also use them to start getting informed.

Explore Current Issues

Holman Library current issues databases are a great place to explore possible research topics. Use them to generate ideas and to get a sense of the complexity of issues. 


Explore Gender Topics in the News Media

Your topics are in the news! Explore the current conversation using library databases and a selection of news media.

Library Databases - Limit to Newspapers & Magazines
Select Online News & Current Issues Sources

Explore Gender Topics with the Library One Search

Use the One Search to browse for everything in our collection on a subject!

Browse the results to see who is talking about your topic - and what they focus on.

Click on a title to learn more about that source. 

Sample Search of Body Image AND teen* AND boys OR men

boy image AND teen* AND boys

Where do I start?!

Begin your research:
  • I suggest starting with one or more project themes that interest you from your assignment.

  • Spend some initial time learning about the topics to decide what you want to focus on for the entire quarter.

  • Begin to build your understanding of your topic and refine you focus with background information that will help you understand what the topic is about. I call it mapping out the landscape of the topic. Identify WHO this is about, WHAT the issues are, WHY this is an issue, WHERE & WHEN this is an issue, HOW it is addressed

  • Start a list of keywords (search terms) that capture what you want to learn about

  • Use your keywords to search library tools for reference materials, books, news and multimedia, and scholarship

  • Narrow and focus your initial topic as you learn more.