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African American History

Social Justice Guide Collection

Understanding Racism in the United States

Systemic Racism 

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a history of systemic racism in the us - info graphic“Institutional racism” can be defined as the racial attitudes found in a ethnic group’s traditions, beliefs, opinions, and myths that are firmly ingrained in the very fiber of the ethnic group’s cultural paradigm, where such traditions, beliefs, opinions, and myths have been practiced and sustained for so long, that they are accepted as common facts, understood to be normal behavioral practices whereas, such practices in effect marginalize, and demonize the human worth of another ethnic group.

-From the Systemic Racism vs. Institutional Racism, linked and cited below

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  • Areas of Institutional Racism - coming soon

  • Black Lives Matter & Current Social Justice Issues - coming soon

  • Mass Incarceration & The School-to-Prison Pipeline  - coming soon

  • Police Brutality & Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

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