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African American History

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The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

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The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

The underground railroad, a map

Featured Online Collections & Exhibits

Many museums not only have online exhibitions, but they can also house a wealth of information accessed through articles, online publications, videos, images, and resources. Consider the museum websites linked below.

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Featured GRC Database: Slavery and Anti-Slavery

There are many databases that have resources on the topics addressed in this guide; however, we wanted to feature this one as it houses 71 collections of primary source documents relating to slavery and the slave trade. 

The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

Featured Abolitionist Papers and Writings

The Abolition Movement

Searching Biographies

Consider some of the names of well-known abolitionists listed here, or click on the tabs in this box to see some featured resources on just a few of those who dedicated their lives to ending slavery.

Some Abolitionist Leaders 

Sojourner Truth | Harriet Tubman | Susan B. Anthony | Harriet Beecher Stowe

Frederick Douglass | Henry David Thoreau | John Brown |John Quincy Adams 

Abigail Adams | Bronson Alcott | Angelina Grimke | Henry Ward Beecher

Mary Ann Shadd Cary | Lydia Marie Child | Ralph Waldo Emerson

William Seward | William Lloyd Garrison | Lucretia Mott | Richard Wright


Search for short biographies in the following databases:


Books are a great place to find detailed information both about and written by some of these abolitionist leaders. Consider searching the following databases

The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

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Background Articles

Use the links below to read overview articles on the topics featured here.

Scholarly and Popular Source Articles

The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

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Abolitionist & The Fight for Freedom
The Underground Railroad

Source: "Dawn of Day: Stories from the Underground Railroad" by K-State College of Education, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

The Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

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