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African American History

Social Justice Guide Collection

Understanding Slavery

Transatlantic & U.S. Slaveryslave selling poster

"Slavery was a complex and horrific system on many levels, not the least of which involved its social class dimensions. Plantation slavery stamped southern society with characteristics that persisted long after emancipation, such as the influence of planters in politics and a presumption of racial hierarchy. White racism had so thoroughly penetrated the region that it became a powerful tool for social control."

- From Slavery by Robert E. Weir, cited below

The history of slavery in the United States alone is a complicated and often divisive topic. While this guide is nowhere comprehensive, the following pages of this section aim to give you an overview of some of the larger events to note in America's history. 

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In This Section

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  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade, - thru 1808

  • Slavery in the United States, 1619 -1863

  • Slave Narratives & Oral Histories

  • The US Abolition Movement & Underground Railroad

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 "Slave selling poster, 1812" by Thomas Taylor is in the Public Domain

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