One Book 2021-2022: So You Want to Talk about Race

One Book Research and Resource Guide for "So You Want to Talk About Race"

Understanding Privilege

Chapter 4: Why Am I Always Being Told to "Check My Privilege"?

The definition of privilege is in reality much simpler than a lot of social justice discussions would have you believe. Privilege, in the social justice context, is an advantage a set of advantages that you have that others do not.

These privileges are not due 100 percent to your efforts (although your hard work may indeed have privileges are disproportionately when compared to what the privile be ascribed to certain social grou ability, gender, class, etc. But you may have not considered, like differences. It is in these advantage the health and well-being of nefits of these ally undeserved dvantages can often on race, physical lie in areas that logical ges that people are often determined. If we are truly dedicated address ystemic oppression and inequality, we must understand the full impact of these advantages and disadvantages in order to move toward real change in our society and ourselves.

-From "So You Want to Talk About Race," Chapter 4

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Videos can be a great place to get information. Linked below are some featured - both from the library's streaming collection, as well as videos on the web.

Source: "Race & Privilege: A Social Experiment" by CNA Insider, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Source: "Privilege Explained" by Jay Shetty, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.