One Book 2021-2022: So You Want to Talk about Race

One Book Research and Resource Guide for "So You Want to Talk About Race"

What can you do?

Chapter 17: Talking Is Great, But What Else Can I Do?

Becoming An Ally and Taking Action

Talk. Please talk and talk and talk some more. But also act. Act now, because people are dying now in this unjust system. How many lives have been ground up by racial prejudice and hate? How many opportunities have we already lost? Act and talk and learn and fuck up and learn some more and act again and do better. We have to do this all at once. We have to learn and fight at the same time. Because people have been waiting far too long for their chance to live as equals in this society.

Oluo continues with these suggestions:

  • Vote local.
  • Get in schools.
  • Bear witness.
  • Speak up in your unions.
  • Support POC-owned business.
  • Boycott banks that prey on people of color.
  • Give money to organizations working to fight racial oppression and support communities of color.
  • Boycott businesses that exploit workers of color.
  • Support music, film, television, art, and books created by people of color.
  • Support increases in minimum wage.
  • Push your mayor and city council for police reform.
  • Demand college diversity.
  • Vote for diverse government representatives.

- Adapted from "So You Want To Talk About Race," Chapter 16

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Source: "What Is Performative Allyship?" by Seventeen, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Source: "Turn Performative Wokeness Into Allyship" by Jezebel, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Source: "How to Talk to Kids About Race" by The Atlantic, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.


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