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A brief overview of technology requirements and resources available to students to acquire them.


Make sure you have what you need to be successful in your online and virtual classes

Desktop or Laptop Computer

*Mobile Devices: Not all features in Canvas will work on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. If you are using a mobile device, you can open Canvas in a browser or download the Canvas Student App (iOS | Android). We highly suggest doing major assignment and class work on a desktop or laptop computer.

Web Browsers

Canvas supports the most recent update for each of the following browsers:

Microsoft Word and Office Suite

You will need Microsoft Word to complete assignments. Some assignments may require Excel, PowerPoint, or other Office tools. 

Download Microsoft Office for Free through Green River


Use Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive Online

Technology Back-up Plan

You will have technology problems. This is just an aspect of using technology. Expect it and have a back-up plan when it inevitably happens.

What you need:

  • alternative computer/device
  • alternative internet access
  • backup cloud storage (such as OneDrive)

If you have significant, long term problems with access to technology, contact your instructor for an extensions (not guaranteed) and for alternative technology as soon as you can.

Other Technology

Certain courses may require additional software or hardware, so check with the instructor the first day of class.

Resources to Help Get the Technology in your Hands