Media Making

This resource guide includes a range of media sources that can be included in presentations, tools for making and hosting your own media, and info on digital rights

Introduction to Wikis

First, what is it?

wiki is an online collaborative website in which members of a community or class create, collaborate, comment, and share content. Wikis allow you to add text, upload images and video, link to external resources, work with others, and present a polished product.

An introduction to wikis

Watch this brief video below to learn how to use a wiki as a collaboration and presentation tool:

Source: "Wiki in Plain English" by Common Craft, Standard YouTube license

What can you do with a wiki? 

Use the resources on this page to help you create and post to a wiki. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia (linked below), is probably the best known wiki project. 

Here are a few others linked below: 


Online tutorials

Tutorials from Library Databases

LinkedIn Learning is a great resource for tutorials on various topics and software (including how to make a wiki!). Use your GRC email address to create an account.