Media Making

This guide is aimed at helping you learn more about media sources

What on earth is a blog?

First, what is it? 

A Blog, or Web Log, is a forum for sharing individual viewpoints with a participatory community. 

Blogs play a lively role in public discourse on all topics and are a great tool for individual or group multimedia projects and ongoing class discussions.

An introduction to Blogs

Watch this brief video from Common Craft on how to use a blog to share your ideas and get feedback from your readers.

Source: "Blogs in Plain English" by Common Craft, Standard YouTube license

What can you do with a blog?

Try the link below to see a few creative examples.

Try these free blogging websites

Video Blogs aka Vlogs

What about Vlogs?

Blogging isn't just for writers though, may bloggers produce video blogs or "vlogs". Click the Video tab at the top of this guide for more information on resources that can help you create, edit and share video recordings.

Here is a list of where to find video blogs:

Find Blogs

This list is just a start to finding interesting, relevant blogs.