This is a guide for GRC's nursing students.

PN Citations Lab

Nursing Care of Adoption and Kinship Families

1. FIRST click on the source link below and locate the APA citation that the database has generated.

2. NEXT, determine:

3. THEN, if corrections need to be made, change/correct the citation

4. FINALLY, create an APA in-text citation to this direct quote below from page 101:
“Often, however, the birth mother’s grief and at times revisiting the decision to relinquish the baby will evoke emotions within the nurse who is caring for the mother”

Military Culture Implications for Mental Health and Nursing Care

1. FIRST, using any of the tools on Create APA Citations tab, create a citation for the source below:


  • if you use the NoodleTools Citation Generator method, your citation will be saved in that tool
  • if you use another method, please write your citation on a piece of paper or save it in a location (your OneDrive or your email, for example) so that you can view it

2. NEXT, create an APA in-text citation for this direct quote from page 1 of the source above:

"Military culture includes patterns of beliefs, language, and cultural practices that impact use of healthcare services and health practices"