This is a guide for GRC's nursing students.

Explore a Topic

There are a myriad of nursing topics to explore. 
You may wish to browse through these websites for ideas:

Nursing: A Long Tradition of Dedication


Read your assignment carefully:
  • Understand the requirements, limitations or freedom of your topic choices.
If you have a choice, select a topic that interests you personally:
  • have you recently come across a video, news report, interview or photograph that made you angry, excited, upset, hopeful or stirred your curiosity? 
  • do you have a strong opinion about a current social or medical issue, an injustice, a new cultural or technological phenomenon?
  • do you or a family member or a friend have a problem or a unique experience that you would like to dig deeper to understand?
  • what perplexes, fascinates, worries or gives you hope about the future?
  • what events or trends or people from history are most unfamiliar to you?
  • is there a topic from your textbook or class lecture that you want to further explore?

Is your topic....
  • Debatable? (are there likely other points of views that exist?)

  • Plausible? (there is likely valid evidence to support it)

  • Consequential? (the outcome or conversation about this topic is worthwhile or significant)