ENGL 235 Introduction to Technical Communication (Wilber)

Writing a Proposal for Specific Audiences - for students in Ari Wilber's 235

Find Scholarship

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Sources

Scholarship refers to the research and theoretical analysis academics and researchers publish to advance our knowledge in a field. 

Scholarship is very focused in its scope and provides in depth analysis. It might be a good place to turn to find useful information in support of your proposals. 

  • Limit to Scholarly Peer-Reviewed at source type.

Useful strategy for reading a research study or theoretical analysis:

  • Read through the abstract (the summary you find when you click on an article title) to determine if it looks relevant and comprehensible.
  • Read the introduction closely to learn:
    • what the author(s) set out to study and why.
    • where current research in the field stands. In other words, what ideas are they building on?
  • Read the discussion and conclusion closely to see what they learned - and what they didn't learn. 

One Search: 

Search across all library databases at once with the One Search. Be sure to limit to Peer Reviewed Journals to find the scholarship conversation. 

Sample Search

In this search, I was looking for sources that discuss the impact on community college students of doing internships or service learning, particularly on finding a job or identifying a career.

Click on the images below to enlarge them.

1. Search terms

one search internships and employment and community college

2. One useful article I found on the importance of internships for first generation college students in STEM fields.

Article on internships and STEM

3. The article description/ abstract. (I found this by clicking on the title. I could also go directly to the article with the database link to find the abstract. )

Abstract - article on STEM internships