ENGL 235 Introduction to Technical Communication (Wilber)

Writing a Proposal for Specific Audiences - for students in Ari Wilber's 235

Explore Topic Ideas Related to GRC's Mission, Vision, & Values

Explore Ideas 

For your third essay you will write a researched proposal for a project connected to GRC's Mission, Vision, & Values.

On the secondary research page of this guide, go to On Campus & State Board links for a starting place to explore what's happening and what's NOT happening on our campus and for GRC students. 

You can also just start from GRC's homepage! 

From your Assignment

Writing/Creating Process

  • Choose a problem on or off campus that fits the above Request for Proposals.
  • Identify an audience (other than your instructor) who will use your proposal for a specific purpose.

The Request for Proposals: 

  • Green River College invites students to propose an original idea or project for possible funding by the GRC Foundation (Links to an external site.). 
  • Your original idea or project must solve a current problem or satisfy a need at Green River College related to our Mission, Vision, & Core Values. 
  • It must be an ongoing issue, and it must be sustainable after initial funding by the GRC Foundation.
  • Funding will be limited to $2,000.


  • SKIM Chapter 16 in the book.  :)  SKIM IT!
  • Do some research about your audience and purpose.