SOC 202: The Sociology of Food


UPDATE: Instead of finding recipes online or in the Holman Library for your food autobiography, your instructor would like you to provide a recipe that you personally have already used

*so you do NOT need to find a recipe using the methods on this page

Find Recipes in the Library

Cookbooks in the Library

Use the links below to search for hardcopy and online cookbooks in the library's collection.

  1. Click on this link to see all cookbooks available in the library.
  1. Add words to the second box in order to narrow your search and find cookbooks about your particular food.
    • Example: cookery AND cabbage

(click images to enlarge)

narrower search by adding the name of your food to the second search box


  1. Option: if you find no results, there still may be recipes books about your food!  Think about specific cuisines that use your food and search for those cuisines: 
    • Example: if there are no search results for "cabbage" you could try searching for "Korean" - a cuisine that frequently uses cabbage.  You can then open the book and browse the recipes there.

(click on image to enlarge)

Searching the Web

Find Recipes Online

Search using Google
  1. Go to (linked below)
  1. Type in the name of your food and the word recipe:
    • example: pineapple recipe
Helpful Recipe Websites

Type your food into any of these sites to find recipes: