Library Resources for Online Students

This guide provides an overview of library and elearning resources available to elearning students

LibGuides: Resources, Strategies, and Assistance for Your Courses

Using Library Guides

Librarians make Library guides, or LibGuides, aimed to help you with your courses! LibGuides are online tools directing you to the relevant library and online resources needed for your assignments.

  • There are Subject Guides for general subject areas (e.g. Sociology, Literature, Chemistry). 
  • And there Course Guides, created for specific classes - such as the image of the Business 164: Entrepreneurship guide shown below.

(click on image below)

screenshot of the Business 164 guide's tabs, showing the kinds of resources housed in a guide


Accessing the guides

You can access the LibGuides by selecting "Find a Research Guide" from the library's homepage. That will take you to a list of guides by subject, where you can then look for course guides, or subject-specific guides as shown below. 

(click on image to enlarge)

screenshot of the list of libguides, limited by subject, that shows when you chose "find a research guide" from the library's homepage

Popular Guides for Online Classes