NUTR 101

WHY use scholarly journals?

Scholarly journals...

  • are good to find results of scientific or academic research written for a scholarly audience
  • provide in-depth analysis of a very specific area of your topic
  • allow you to see the critical connections in the scholarly conversation - one scholarly article will cite how they drew their foundations or conclusions from other research.  YOU can then follow those citations to further your own research!

CINAHL- sample search

What should you type in the database?

Use keywords or subject terms that capture what you want to learn about.

Ex: Keywords: nutrition AND sports, nutrition AND pregnancy, "prenatal pregnancy", nutrition AND "cardiac disease"

Ex: Subject Terms: Prenatal Nutritional Physiology, Maternal Nutritional Physiology, Nutrition AND Heart diseases

click image below to enlarge:


To find Medical Subject Headings:

Step 1: Select CIHNAL Headings (in other Databases, look for Subject Terms or Thesaurus).

CINAHL- subject terms


Step 2: Enter your keywords and browse for subjects.

CINAHL- Subject Browse

Step 3: Use the subject terms to discover the vocabulary of the field and to find the most relevant articles.



Can't Find the Full Text of a Book or Article?
  1. Note down the author, name of book OR title of article, name of the magazine, journal or newspaper, and date of publication
  2. Make an Interlibrary Loan Request using the following link so that the book can be sent to Green River's Holman Library for you to borrow: (NOTE: this process may take one week)
  1.  To see an example of how to make an interlibrary loan request:
  1. Or Ask a Librarian for help!

FIND Scholarly Articles


1. Click on the databases below to search for scholarly journal articles on your topic

2. After you search, remember to limit your results to "scholarly" or "academic" or "peer-reviewed" (databases use different words to refer to the same concept)

3. After you search, limit your results to "full text" so that you can see the entire article

4. When you choose an article, use the checklist below to make sure it is actually a scholarly journal article.

Other Useful Databases:

Holman Library subscribes to many relevant databases.