NUTR 101

Always Evaluate the Quality of Your Sources

Use the criteria below to help you assess the quality of information you find, whether on the internet or from the library.

ASPECT helps you assess the following:


  • Who sponsors the information source? Is this a well-known or respected source?
  • Who is the author? Is an author listed? Is contact info provided for the author?
  • Who is the publisher?
  • What credentials / level of expertise can you find?


  • Does the source provide in-text citations?
  • Are references provided?
  • Are you given leads to further reading?

Purpose/ Audience:

  • Is the information there to
    • Sell you something?
    • Educate?
    • Persuade?
  • Who is the intended audience?
    • Professionals?
    • Consumers?
  • If professional, what kind of information is it?
    • research?
    • literature review?
    • a case study?
    • continuing education?
    • something else?



  • Is the information free of bias?
  • How can you tell if it's accurate or reliable?
  • Is the information from a peer-reviewed publication?
  • Is it a blind peer review?



  • Is the information in depth and comprehensive?
  • Is the info introductory?
  • Is the info practical?
  • Is there advertising? Does this influence information found in the source?
  • Is it a research study?


  • Is this current information?
  • Current enough for your field and needs?
  • Is it revised/updated info?

ASPECT: Evaluate Info Sources

Download a copy of ASPECT to evaluate all your information sources. 

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  • Why or why not?