NUTR 101

WHY Use "Popular" or Info for the General Public?

Why use "popular" or info for the general public?

  • POPULAR MAGAZINES are good for summarizing complicated or technical info in terms that the general public will understand.  They often provide background info, summarize research findings or provide some analysis of a topic
  • NEWSPAPERS are good for facts, up-to-date information, and quotes from stakeholders.  The opinion/editorial sections of newspapers can provide analysis of a topic from different perspectives
  • TRADE JOURNALS are are good for finding articles written for specific professions (police officer, veterinarian...etc.)  They often analyze new trends, research, tools or techniques important to their area of work

FIND "Popular" or Info for the General Public

How do you find popular/general public info?

  • Click on the databases below to search for info on your topic
  • After you search, you can limit your results to magazine articles, newspapers, trade journals...etc.

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