NUTR 101

Nutrition Related Disease/Condition Research Paper and Interview

Use resources and tips in this guide to help you research a nutrition-related condition or disease. 

You are required to integrate reliable outside sources into your analysis, two of which must be from scholarly research journals. 

I suggest following this strategy:

  1. Start with sources created for the general public to build your knowledge of the facts. These may include:
    1. Academic (or subject) encyclopedias for definitions and factual overviews
    2. Basic health information from reliable websites sucah as the CDC, USDA, FDA, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, National Kidney Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, HealthFinders, or the National Institutes of Health.
    3. Science or medical journalism, including the New York Times, Science Friday, or Tufts University Health and Nutrition Newsletter.
  2. Dive deeper into a focused facet of your topic with scholarly research.

Limit your search in Holman Library databases to the type of information you seek, for ex: magazines, newspapers, professional, reference or scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. 

Video: Corn Syrup and Over-Consumption from "The Men Who Made Us Fat"

Holman Library Health Databases

Note the description under each database to aid in selection.