Film, Television, and Popular Culture Studies

This guide will help you find and research films, media, pop culture, and television.

Background information through Holman Library

To begin gathering background: 

To find reference in the library:

  • use One Search and limit to REFERENCE.

Need a little historical context? 

Additional Reference

Selected Encyclopedias

Check the library's Reference collection to explore the following History of American Cinema series, a decade by decade look at film in history.

Media Studies reference on the open web





Reference Books

Use the library's Reference collection to gather background information like actor/actress biographies, film overviews, film terms and definitions, film reviews, film credits, and more.

Featured reference work:

Why use a film dictionary?

Yes, of course you can always "Google" a film term. But specialized dictionaries like the ones listed here are written with film studies scholars in mind. Use these sources to dig deeper into the context of film terminology.