Film, Television, and Popular Culture Studies

This guide will help you find and research films, media, pop culture, and television.

What is "Pop Culture"?

What is Popular Culture?

  • Comics - including manga, graphic novels, web comics, and interactive visual novels
  • "Fan Culture" -- how fans of a particular media work or genre organize, consume, or comment on the thing they are a fan of.
  • Film, Television, Streaming media, Podcasts, etc.
  • Fashion - especially newer or "fan-related" fashion cultures (e.g. "Cosplay" and etc.)
  • Popular Music (and its subgenres)
  • Sports 
  • Video Games
  • ...and so on. (These are just a few examples.)
Some tips to keep in mind:
  • "Pop Culture" can refer to many types of creative expression that MAY or MAY NOT be formally studied in other areasPopular Culture studies are often also "multidisciplinary" -- which means they cover different subjects at once.
  • You will likely find useful resources not only in this guide, but in other research guides, reference works, and websites related to your topic.

Be prepared to dig around.

  •  You can always ask a librarian for assistance -- we're happy to help! Check out the "Get Help" tab on this guide to see all the ways you can contact your librarians.

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