ENGL 165 Introduction to World Myth

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL165 at Green River College.

Consider a podcast

Audio: Podcasts

Try listing to a free audiobook or podcast about mythology using the links suggested below.

Videos in Holman Library

Finding & Using Films

This page focuses on finding films in the library's collection using the streaming database called Films on Demand, as well as some online collections, and the library's OneSearch catalog.

Sample titles in Films on Demand:

Find DVDs & Streaming Video in Holman Library

Finding DVDs in the library

Use the Holman Library One Search to look for DVDs in our collection.

  • Fiction DVDs are located together on shelving near the Tutoring Center.

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A search in the catalog showing how to limit to audio visual - here, for Marvel DVDs

Search the catalog for DVDs

Use the search box below to look for videos in the library's collection. Remember to limit by "Source Type" as shown in the image above.

Accessing films from the public library - Free for you as a student!

Accessing the KCLS Library System

As a student at Green River College, you automatically have access to online library resources at King County Library System. 

King County Library System logo

Use the links below to find streaming videos!
  • To Log in: use GRC + your student username. (The part before the @ in your GRC email address.)
  • Example OLD email: GRCjsmith23
  • Example NEW email: GRCsmith.jane.23
  • PIN number: your pin is the last four characters of your log in. Example: e.23
Steaming Video Databases
  • Access Video
  • Hoopla
  • Kanopy

Featured Video Collections

Featured Sources

Consider the two websites for collections of education videos on the topic of mythology.

TEDTalks & TEDEd

The TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) websites are a great source of educational films. Using the link below, view videos on an array of mythology topics, including the following myths, just to name a few

  • The Myth of Prometheus
  • The Myth of Sisyphus
  • The Greek Myth of Talos
  • The Myth of Cupid & Psyche
  • The Myth of Loki & the Master Builder
  • The Myth of Isis & the Seven Scorpions
  • The Myth of Jason & the Argonauts
Crash Course

This website offers short, entertaining, educational films on a wide array of topics such as Chemistry, Physics, Study Skills, History, Literature, Media Literacy, Mythology, & much more. Go to the website directly, or see the mythology playlist below.