ENGL 165 Introduction to World Myth

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL165 at Green River College.

Books as a resource

Strategic Searching

Turn to books and book chapters for history and analysis of myths. Use the search box below to search for print and ebooks in the library's collection. Use the limiters on the left-side of the page to limit to print books, ebooks, and book chapters. 

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Suggested strategies and keywords:
  • A national mythology (e.g. Norse myth*)
  • A theoretical approach to mythology (e.g. Jung* AND myth*)
  • A genre of mythology (e.g. "creation myths")
  • A concept (liminality, tricksters, "heroic journey" etc.)
Tips and Tricks: 
  • Use AND to connect and focus key ideas. Ex: Jung AND mythology
  • USE ( OR ) for synonyms or alternate terms. Ex: (structuralism OR post-structuralism)
  • USE * to truncate, which means to search for forms of a root word. Ex: Jung* = Jung and Jungian.

Or Search by Subject Term

Books are cataloged by Subject Terms. As shown in the image below, you can easily limit your search results by using the Advanced Search page of the catalog by limiting to Subject Term. 

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advanced search page in primo, showing how to limit to Subject Terms in limiters

  • Use the links below to see a list of book, ebook, and book chapter results on various mythology-related topics from the library's main catalog: Primo OneSearch

Searching ebooks

One of the great things about ebooks is the ability to quickly search within them to find exactly what you need. You can search for ebooks in the catalog linked above, or you can search in the ebook databases directly. Linked below, try a search for a book on mythology. Remember to use simple keywords. 

Featured books