ENGL 165 Introduction to World Myth

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL165 at Green River College.

Find Mythology & Folklore

Find Books of Mythology

Look for Books of Mythology and Legend in Holman Library's print and ebook collection.

  • Note that some books may both present and analyze myths.

How to find books:

Strategy 1: Search with Keywords 

Suggested keyword strategies:

  • A general keyword (mythology)
  • A national or cultural mythology (e.g. Norse myth*)
  • genre of mythology (e.g. "creation myths")
  • concept (liminality, tricksters, "heroic journey" etc.)
Strategy 2: Browse with Subject Terms

Just as you used subject terms to find books about mythology, you can browse subject terms for books of myths. Keep in mind that some of these works will be analysis, rather than mythology.

Find additional subject terms on the find analysis in books page!

Strategy 3: Browse the Call # for Folklore, Mythology, and Fairytales 

Be sure to select books that meet your need! 

Online Mythology Sites

Linked below are just a few websites to consider when looking for mythology-related information on the web. 

Sample Books of Mythology & Folklore in Holman Library