ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Moore)

This research guide is for student in Julie Moore's English 101

Why Cite Sources?

Lend Authority to Your Paper: By referencing the work of scholars and other professionals, your demonstrate that your own research is based on solid, reliable information and that you are capable of critical thinking by being able to synthesizing that research into your own.

Provide a Path: By citing sources, you provide the information readers of your paper need in order to locate the same sources that you did.

Acknowledge Other's Work: Part of your research is built upon the research of other people. It is respectful and fair to give them credit for their hard work (just as you would hope someone would give you credit if they were quoting your own work!)

Avoid Plagiarizing: You must cite any quotation, summary, or restatement of any idea or passage from your research. Citing sources is giving credit where credit is due. Not citing sources is plagiarism and you may be subject to academic discipline. 

See the Academic Honesty Guide below for more information. 

MLA Citation Style Guide

MLA Citation Guide

Use this link to find sample citations for a range of source types. 

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To start your bibliography:

  1. From the Projects page, click the Create a New Project button on the top right:
  2. Under Project Title, name your project.
  3. Select MLA  for citation style.
  4. Under Citation level, select Advanced.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click on Create new Source.
  7. Complete the form for each source you cite. 


  • Write the annotation at any time. Just click edit next to a particular citation to add or edit the annotation.

  • Skip a space in the annotation box to leave a space between the annotation and the citation or change the default at the Print/Export option > Format option.

  • Share your work with your instructor or librarian by selecting Share Project in the Project box.

  • Add your name by selecting the dropdown arrow at Print/Export > Formatting Options > Page Header. Type your name in the header bar. 

Quick Guide - MLA

Quick Guide - MLA Citation Style

Automatic Citation Generator

NoodleTools Citation Generator

Access online tutorials using the links below: