ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Moore)

This research guide is for student in Julie Moore's English 101

Video 2: Build your Foundation with Reference

Sample Search: Reference

Sample Reference Article from GVRL

The images below of an article titled "Multilingualism" point to how useful reference can be. Note how the article:

  • Opens with a definition of multilingualism. It will define some other concepts as well, including mono and bilingualism
  • Offers an introduction to how the concept of multilingualism has evolved over time
  • Introduces key concepts and terminology. which help me understand the topic and provide me with additional search terms
  • Concludes with a See Also section of connected ideas and linked articles
  • Concludes with a list of recommended Further Reading, which can be a good source of additional relevant and authoritative sources.

1 Search in GVRL for multilingualism

keyword: Multilingualism

2 Article Excerpt (click on images below to enlarge them)

Ref Article Highlighted Keywords

3 See Also at the End

See Also

4 Further Reading

Further Reading

Reference Sources in Holman Library