NoodleTools How to Guide

View videos that teach you how to create a personal ID, create a new project, start a Works Cited/ References page, print or export citations using NoodleTools.

NoodleTools How to Guide

This guide provides information on how to sign-up for a NoodleTools account, create citations, and export your citations into a Word document.

NoodleTools Citation Workshop

NoodleTools Citation Workshop

Scholarship is a Conversation!
This hands-on workshop will help you understand why and how to give credit in your academic work and beyond.

Workshop focus:
  • Understanding why and when to cite other works
  • Integrating and citing sources material
  • Using NoodleTools citation maker
Please create your NoodleTools account before attending the workshop. Instructions are below.

  • Week 7 ZOOM
    Friday Feb. 17, 12-12:30 PM (APA)
  • Week 8 FACE-to-FACE
    Friday Feb. 24, 12-12:30 PM (MLA)
  • Week 9 ZOOM 
    Wednesday Mar. 1, 12-12:30 PM (MLA)
  • Week 10 FACE-to-FACE
    Friday Mar. 10, 12-12:30 PM (APA)

NoodleTools Citation Workshop is a face-to-face workshop in Holman Library HL213. See below for a link to our online asynchronous tutorial in Canvas. 

  • Open the REGISTRATION LINK below to select the workshop date you would like.
  • We will send you registration confirmation. 
  • If there is space in the classroom, you are welcome to join the workshop without registering first.
  • Please be sure to set up your NoodleTools Account or check your login to your existing account prior to the workshop. 
Set up your NoodleTools account
Can't attend a citation workshop at the scheduled times?  

You can take an online version of the workshop through our online NoodleTools Citation Tutorial in Canvas or the NoodleTools How-To Guide!

Automatic Citation Generator


Access online tutorials using the links below: