ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Moore)

This research guide is for student in Julie Moore's English 101

Video 3: Find the Current Conversation in Journalism

Sample Search: News & Analysis

Sample Search for a Current News/ Analysis Article 

Find current discussion of your topics. Newspaper, magazines, and multimedia news and current issues programs report on, discuss, analyze, and sometimes offer arguments on what's going on in our world.  

You can also limit to Trade magazines to find news for professionals working in a field.

The images below show a search of the keywords: multilingual* AND students OR education.

When I limited to full text magazine and newspaper articles within the last ten years (I could limit to more recent sources only) I found about 200 titles.

I looked over the first screen of titles to see if I was on track, and the articles looked useful!

The screen shot below show an excerpt from the first article, "The Potential Plus of Having a Former ‘English Learner’ as Education Secretary."

The article discusses why it could be helpful to US education to have a Secretary of Education who was an English Language Learner. 

Step 1: Search and Limit

Search of multilingual* (truncated to also search for multilingualism) AND either students OR education

Limited to Full Text and the past ten years.

(Click on all images to enlarge) 

multilingual* AND students OR education

STEP 2: Source Type

Limited to Magazines and Newspapers at Source Type

Source Type: Magazines and Newspapers

STEP 3: Assess Results

Assess results, or the titles found, to see if they are relevant. If not, try different keywords.

Assess the results list to see if the keywords used find relevant sources

STEP 4 Read Abstract/ Read Article

Click on a title or the HTML/ PDF links to open an article. If the article has an abstract, read it to see if it looks useful. 

The image below points to just a few of the interesting and possibly useful points this article makes about the significance of having a multilingual Secretary of Education who was an English Language Learner in school, and about the number and experiences of English Language Learners in school.

Article excerpt on a multilingual Secretary of Education

News Databases in Holman Library

Newspaper Databases

Streaming Video News & Analysis Database

Films on Demand, your library streaming video database, carries some news programs from Frontline, PBS, the BBC, and more. 

Key Multimedia Sources Online