ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Moore)

This research guide is for student in Julie Moore's English 101

Video 4: Dig Deeper with Books & Scholarship

Sample Search: Books

Sample Search for Books/ Book Chapters

Use the One Search and limit to BOOKS to find sources on your topic.

I suggest starting with one keyword or keyword phrase, and building your search as you assess your results each step of the way. 

For this sample search:

  1. I started with the keyword "language". That was too general an idea, and I found over 16,000 books (once I limited to just books). 
  2. I used the AND to add the keyword "identity," and that narrowed my search to just over 2,000 books.
  3. I clicked on a title that sounded like it might be relevant to learn more about it. I looked at the Subject Terms, the description, and the contents.
  4. I wrote down words on my topic that I hadn't thought of yet to try later as search terms.
  5. I click on any Subject Terms that look like they might take me to a list of relevant sources for my essay.
  6. I could try adding a third keyword or changing one of my keywords to a narrower identity.
  7. To find a book, I either use the call # to find it on the shelves or I click on View Online for ebooks.
Step 1 and 2:

Searched for language AND identity (Click on image to enlarge) 

language AND identity


Step 3: 

Clicked on a title to open the "record" to learn more about the book and decide if it looked useful!

Book - read the record for more information

Find Books in Holman Library

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Search for print books, ebooks, and videos available at the library and online.

Use filters on the left to limit by specific source type, date range, and more.

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