Research in Communication Studies Project (Neffenger)

Part II: Annotated Bibliography of Connected Research

Using library databases, locate a sources connected to your topic (both general and the peer-reviewed research from part I) and create an APA style References list where each citation includes a brief summary and analysis of how each source helps you develop your original research or provides context for your topic (the "annotation").

What are 'annotations'?

When you have located your article and cite it, the annotation will go directly below the source citation.

What is an annotation?

Your annotation is a summary and connects the article to your research theme -- explain in 2-4 sentences what information the source contained, particularly what was important / interesting / unusual compared to other sources. This summary should be in your own words, not quoted. After summarizing the source, use 2-4 sentences to explain how the article connects with your research topic.

Tips for writing great annotations from the Purdue OWL:

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