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CMST 210 Interpersonal Communications (Neffenger): Home


Use this guide to help you locate peer-reviewed articles on interpersonal communication topics for Carel Neffenger's Research Analysis assignment! The tabs above can help you move through the guide.

  • Need help? Check out the 'Help' tab above or come talk with a librarian-- we're at the library to help! :)
Presidential Hand Gestures image Good and Bad in the Hands of Politicians - Peer-Reviewed Article
Presidential Debate - President Barak Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney (4 Oct. 2012). Wikimedia Foundation. Denver, CO.  Casasanto D, Jasmin K (2010) Good and Bad in the Hands of Politicians: Spontaneous Gestures during Positive and Negative Speech. PLoS ONE 5(7): e11805. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0011805

What are 'annotations'?

When you have located your article and cite it, the annotation will go directly below the source citation.

What is an annotation?

Your annotation is a summary -- explain in 2-4 sentences what information the source contained, particularly what was important / interesting / unusual compared to other sources. Keep in mind you're summing up the information from the article, NOT providing an opinion on the content or conclusions.