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CMST 210 Interpersonal Communications (Neffenger): Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Scholarly Articles

Some features of scholarly literature:

  • Reports of original research

  • Authored by credentialed experts in the scholarly field

  • In-depth analyses of topics

  • Abstract that summarizes the article. Read to determine relevance

  • Explanation of methodology and materials

  • Discussion of study and results

  • Literature Cited section

  • In-text citations or notes

  • Use technical vocabulary

Other databases to consider

Searching Databases for Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) Articles

Enter your interpersonal topic into these article databases to locate peer-reviewed academic research on the subject. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Use KEYWORDS to search (individual words or phrases, not full sentences)
  • Make sure to check the Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals checkboxes 
  • Keep in mind you can narrow a search after you have results by changing the options on the left

Looking for information on interpersonal topics generally?

Looking for examples from the workplace or business settings?

EBSCO peer-review search tips